Upper Antelope Canyon, which is also known as “The Crack,” is the most popular of the two slot canyons that make up Antelope Canyon. It is also the most-visited slot canyon in the American Southwest and the most-photographed in the world. The radiant sun beams that shine through its walls in the spring and summer are one of its main claims to fame, while its changing colors in the fall and winter are another mesmerizing sight to be seen. The Upper Canyon’s ease of access and lack of climbing also make it extremely popular with the family set as well as visitors who may require easy travel but still want an exciting experience in nature.

Antelope Canyon was formed over many hundreds of years by water that ran through sandstone, giving it its unique geography. Upper Antelope is called Tsé bighánílíní in Navajo, which can be translated to “The place where water runs through rocks” in English. Antelope Canyon got its name from the belief that Antelopes once grazed along the canyon in the winter.