An unused railway track in the small Ukrainian town of Kleven (which lies some 350km from Kiev) has naturally transformed itself into a romantic paradise for couples.

The track, which is known locally as The Tunnel of Love, is becoming an increasingly common spot for couples, particularly during spring, when a huge canopy of trees along the track grows over either side to form an arch. This arch stretches for up to three kilometers and looks like a green tunnel of trees and couples wishful of a few moments of romantic solitude are often seen strolling around.

However, the railway track is not completely out of use. According to a Daily Mail report, the tunnel is actually a part of a private railway serving a fibreboard factory in eastern Ukraine near Kleven. The train carrying logs chugs along the tunnel, or rather through it, thrice a day. That occasional activity is what, perhaps, prevents the trees from growing in the middle of the track, allowing the tunnel to remain as it has through the year.